Story on the Wall

Dust and Tree Trunks

I remember the two of us riding our bikes around the neighborhood. We’d ride along our school, the park, old houses and little shops. Afterwards, we would grab ice cream in a convenience store and sit by the the side walk to watch the cars and passers by. We were happy in those quiet moments. It was like we had the world for ourselves.

I remember myself riding my bike around the neighborhood. I’d ride along our old school, the park, run-down houses and little shops. The days went by so fast and all I can do was to look ahead. I wanted to keep up with the world so I sped up my pace.

“The Heart of God’s Country” by Andrew Schoultz

Today, I walked around the neighborhood. The school and the park stood there still. But the lots where the run-down houses, little shops, and even the convenience store once were are now where tall buildings stand. I then realized that because I was so focused on moving forward that I wasn’t able to notice the changes that were happening around me, and to the things that I thought I will completely leave behind.


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