Dream Catcher · Story on the Wall

Just Wow.

I was walking alone in a quiet neighborhood. The moon was full and the streets were damp from the rain earlier. I was pretty sure that I was walking alone that night. Suddenly, I heard someone behind me say in a deep calm voice, “Wow.”

I turned around but nobody was there. I looked around for a moment to make sure that I was alone. The streets were still empty. I started to walk again. And again, I heard someone say. “Wow.” I looked around but nobody else was there.

It was so weird. Who is that person that’s been following me? And what is there to wow about? I started to walk faster as it kept saying, “Wow.” over and over again with short pauses in between. I tried to escape it but it always know where to find me.





And then I woke up.


Then it all made sense. The “wow” I kept hearing in my dream was actually a “meow” from the cat outside my bedroom window.

***Just wanted to share my dream last November 24, 2015. The people I told this story to found it funny and I wish you felt the same way, something to make you smile today.***



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