Story on the Wall

Study Hard: written by a 7-year-old me

While I was cleaning my room, I found a compilation of my compositions and drawings. This is one of the stories I wrote back when I was a messed up little kid who was so concerned about studying hard.

“Charlotte” by Nate Frizzell

Study Hard

It is the day for the children to have a big test.

Everyone kept saying to each other, “Study hard.”

Everyone studied hard.

The teacher kept hearing from the children,

“Study hard, study hard, study hard!”

Some got crazy, even the computers.

The top 1 student got crazy.

The principal said that saying “study hard” can make us crazy.

The children are now answering their test papers.

On recess, the teacher told the students, “Do not say study hard.”

But one student answered, “But you just said study hard.”

Then the teacher closed her ears and ran out screaming.

She’s going to lose her voice.

Some went to the mental hospital.

So nobody said “study hard” ever again.


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